Owani Press

Cognizeit is excited to partner with Owani Press, and to proclaim to everyone that it is Cognizeit’s favorite book publishing company. Originally satisfied with producing computer programming books, the wunderkinds at Owani Press had a eureka moment. “If programmers like to read books, there might be some other humans who like it as well.”

Guess what? They were right. And so Owani Press now has content made for a non-technical audience. In 2017, it released Self-Evident, the first book in the Understand in One Afternoon series. It can’t just be a coincidence that it is for sale right now and available for anyone to buy from major booksellers.

Be sure to visit the Owani Press web site regularly to discover new and interesting books. Click the pretty picture below to go to owanipress.com now.

Owani Press

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