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Perhaps you are the type of person who likes to support those trying to make a difference in society. Or maybe you just like throwing money at things to see what works. Good news! Cognizeit is the perfect outlet for people just like you, thanks to its integration with Patreon.

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Your support of serious yet jocular analysis is deeply appreciated. Joining at this and higher levels gives you access to all news, announcements, and articles posted on Cognizeit’s Patreon site.

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This is the tier for Patrons who love reading. In addition to lower-tier bonuses, Patrons at this level have full access to the Cognizeit archives, including articles from the now-defunct Well-Read Man (serious politics) and Humorality (Onion-style humor) web sites. Additionally, while posts from the main Cognizeit site are available to the public for a limited time (typically months), Patrons at this level will continue to have access to all articles.

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Do you like reading words, but wish they came in the large, economy size? Good news! Patrons at this tier receive all lower-tier benefits, and get a free copy of Self-Evident, Tim Patrick’s book on the Declaration of Independence. Discover more about the book at This benefit refers to the e-book edition.

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