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Bush Wins Again

Although there is still one day to go before the 2008 presidential election, one newspaper has already announced the winner. The Seattle Bugle's Monday morning above-the-fold headline declares "Bush Wins Third Term."...

US Solves Credit Crisis, Credit Cards

"Big Debt told us about secret programs that credit card companies and banks don't want you to know about. We were able to cut 200 billion in credit card debt right off the top. And with easy monthly terms, and an...

Obama, Liver up 14% in Polls

A new survey shows Republican Senator John McCain flailing by as much as 14%. The poll also indicates that Americans how favor liver over steak by a similar percentage.

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No Robots for President

Can someone please tell my why the mainstream media and national polling organizations keep focusing on side issues like the War on Terror and the economy instead of on this one question: Which of the two major party...